The Pressflex Engine is:


Measured by cost per million page views, Pressflex sites are the industry's most cost-effective. Our commitment to excellence and emphasis on service is reflected in our prices: rather than charge a large upfront fee, Pressflex bills a smaller fee annually. The fee covers Pressflex's data center, bandwidth, site registration, system administration, software usage, and training.


While traditional web-design firms build sites one-at-a-time, Pressflex serves publishers from a single, constantly evolving data-center and software platform. The client's site is turnkey; clients need no technology, software or technical staff, only quality content, a web browser and the desire to succeed.


Pressflex sites include features not yet used by some big daily newspapers and national magazines:


Publishing one issue takes just one hour of an entry-level staffer's time. By outsourcing site creation and maintenance to Pressflex, clients eliminate the need for all web hardware, software, webmasters, database administrators or designers.

Easy to manage

Traditional web sites are engineered by members of secretive guilds: the "sysadmin," the "web master," and the "page designer." Do you have the time and stamina to manage these artisans? Pressflex speaks your language -- using words like accountability, accuracy, and return-on-investment, rather than "CGI," "DHTML" or "ODBC compliant."


E-mail updates and searchable archives guarantee site traffic will grow year after year. Standardized navigation ensures visitor comfort. And search-engine-friendly HTML and automated metatags for every article maximize placement in search engines.


Pressflex understands that data is your most valuable asset. Our secure firewalls keep your data safe from prying eyes and tampering fingers. We use constant, real-time backups to protect it. And Pressflex's team of system engineers has one job: To make sure your site is available 525,600 minutes a year.


We specialize in serving publishers and excel in helping clients succeed online. Pressflex consultants know what news excites Internauts, which headline is effective for an e-mail newsletter, what publishing rhythm boosts traffic, what features best prompt revisits. Pressflex staffers save clients many hours finding, understanding and registering at search engines and directories that are crucial to building a site's traffic. And Pressflex engineers administer each site's hardware and software, fine-tuning constantly for performance and security.

Pressflex Les services:


The OECD Observer magazine has jumped from being invisible to being highly ranked on the world’s main search engines. Pressflex has done what it said it would do when we teamed up in 1999.

Rory Clarke Editor, OECD Observer