Page size/ load times

Pressflex optimizes site for users of developing and least developing countries. Targeted readers of certain sites hosted by Pressflex are visitors of these areas as well.

Some examples of the implementation:

Dropdown menus are written javascript in order to avoid further downloading when opening submenus.

Pressflex ensures the possibility to display content in “multilevel” and each has the opportunity for the reader to skip the files and only reading the content: eg it is optional to upload images/videos into category front pages within the summary; it is optional to upload them within the full story; it is optional to upload images separately and only downloading them as a separate links.

Pressflex Les services:


The OECD Observer magazine has jumped from being invisible to being highly ranked on the world’s main search engines. Pressflex has done what it said it would do when we teamed up in 1999.

Rory Clarke Editor, OECD Observer