Looking west from Europe

May 16, 2002 I think many people often don't appreciate just how much Europeans admire the US. i hear it all the time, but rarely see the sentiment expressed in print. Finally, I've found a blogable quote on the subject.

Jack Straw, the UK's foreign secretary, said recently that Europeans see "a U.S. born out of Europe, born from those with the courage, imagination, iconoclasm to break away from the straitjacket not just of poverty but of institutional and political constraints in Europe, to form what has long represented, in an almost idealized form, the best of European values and institutions."

As an example of "what might have been," Mr. Straw said, "the U.S. is a source of more absorbing fascination to Europeans than ever an individual European country could be to the U.S."

It's a high standard to live up to.

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